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Mr Thami Vezi, Mathematics Grade 12 | Inverse functions – Quadratic

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VirtualX, a multi-tenanted platform: Unified communication and collaborative tool designed specifically to enable the adoption of digital transformation and eLearning programmes in schools.

All the required tools and technical support services for the entire programme are available through VirtualX as a multi-tenanted platform for video collaborative, live broadcasting, and streaming channels: www.virtualx.tv

This is a phase approach initiative, aimed at introducing key education and learning collaborative tools and platforms, which are made available to everyone involved with the adoption of value-based education and learning programmes in schools.

Please share with everybody who might be interested to be part of this digital revolution programmes in schools.

Our programme is being implemented, following the curriculum as envisaged by the K12 schools, such as:
1. FET Phase: Grade 10-12
2. Senior Phase: Grade 7-9
3. Intermediate Phase: Grade 4-6
4. Foundation Phase: Grade R-3


June 27, 2020

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